Hello Blogging World!

So Olive Food, what does that mean to me? I have been thinking about starting a blog for a VERY long time, and finally decided on a name and theme. There are so many options, and I’m slightly indecisive, so this process has consumed me for a while now.

I’m a Nutritional Sciences student at UBC, and a prospective Dietitian. I am newly engaged to my best friend Paulo, and we have a cat Maxi who we pretty much treat like our child. I have a passion for constantly learning, growing your own food, eating whole foods, and creating interesting meals in the kitchen.

As I am planning on becoming a Dietitian, and volunteering is the name of the game, I volunteer a lot of my time in Community Kitchens, Gardening Clubs and clinical settings. Doing so has allowed me to meet amazing people, make great friends and learn many different food related skills.

I also work in a Cooking School, which is amazing experience, and I have learned a lot from many Chefs throughout the Lower Mainland. Now, a lot of people automatically think that because I am in my mid twenties, and work in a cooking school, that I can’t cook, or they say “you must be learning SO much!”. Ugh. I have been cooking for years, and am creative in the kitchen. I learn by watching, not reading recipes, and I can cook darn it! I do learn some tips and tricks along the way of course, but for the most part, it’s just practice. And practice makes perfect.

What I do really like about my job, is that I can observe people cooking, err trying to cook. It has opened my eyes, and made me realize there are a lot of people who don’t know how to cook. Although it’s frustrating sometimes, I think this will be something I would like to educate people on in my career. Ugh don’t even get me started on Chefs pretending to be experts on nutrition. But this is another can of worms to open up at another time!

Back to the name Olive Food. I LOVE FOOD! Sort of a play on words, and Paulo calls me Olive, because I remind him of Olive Oyl with Popeye. Did I mention Paulo is Portuguese? Who loves olives among many other things? I love every aspect of food, and hope to portray this in my future posts, talking about growing, buying, cooking and the nutrition of food.

What would you like to know about food?


6 thoughts on “Hello Blogging World!

  1. I wish you nothing but joy as you spread your wings in the blogging world kiddo. Your passion for health, nutrition and a love for life will shine through.

  2. Hi Erin! This is a great first entry. Since I have so many allergies (dairy, soy, yeast), I find it very difficult to plan and maintain a healthy diet. I feel as I become older, allergic reactions are becoming more prevalent and frequent. Also, more and more individuals are discovering sensitivities to these same ingredients. How do I plan a healthy, yet satisfying diet with so many restrictions?

    • Hey Melissa,
      It’s challenging enough to cope with one food allergy and still maintain a healthy and tasty diet. But 3? I’m sure you have come up with many tricks and are aware of the substitutions for soy dairy and yeast, but I will try and cover each of these allergies soon with some evidence to back me up! I’ll also try and give some ideas for meals that you may find useful. I seem to remember a certain delicious brownie you made that I’m sure was within your diet 😄

  3. Liked your post Erin! Good luck with the blog. I’m sure it will be great, just like your mom’s.
    Love Aunt Denise

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