Does Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

I know… I created a blog… and wrote 3 posts then left for 3 months. I hope this distance has left you wanting more!

I do have a whole cart full of excuses though: 5 courses, volunteering, preparing my dietetics application, moving, working, and finally organizing my new project, a community kitchen program!

Good news has come out of all this hustle and bustle though! I just received my final marks for my 4th year in Nutritional Sciences degree, and I got STRAIGHT A’s! I don’t like tooting my own horn, but I worked too hard this year not to! I also had an interview last week for the UBC Dietetics program!! So I am in agony waiting until the end of May to hear if I have been accepted into the program.

Let me tell you about my current project, as an Outdoor Community Kitchen Coordinator for a local program called Growing Eden.

I love my job.

I get to be creative in menu planning, feed my organization obsession, be challenged in working in an outdoor environment, and I have the opportunity to lead a team of 4 volunteers. All to create delicious lunches, provide nutritious groceries and share culture through food.

We have had 3 sessions so far, and I am excited for this week, as sprouted quinoa is on the menu!

This is my first time sprouting anything, but I have high hopes, and am turning the sprouts into an Asian-inspired salad. After this week’s session, I will post some pictures if I can remember to bring my camera!

To learn more about the Growing Eden program, please visit

I am also a contributor to the Growing Eden Blog, and will post all recipes we have made on this blog regularly at


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