Lotsa Greens: My Second CSA Harvest

I am really enjoying eating all of the fresh organic produce from the Market Garden CSA at Farmers on 57th. It fills our fridge, and makes it’s presence known in our household.

Filled with loads of Carotenoids, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and fibre, this harvest is sure to fill the needs of Canada’s Food Guide recommendation of eating one dark green vegetable a day.

In this week’s harvest box, we received:

Second CSA Harvest

-Lettuce Mix



-Pea shoots

-Red Orach

– Oregano

– Giant Tatsoi

And yes, that is my carpet. This week’s harvest was too big to lay out on my counter top!

The spinach went in one day without me even noticing I had it in the first place.

You see, Paulo really doesn’t like store-bought spinach because of it’s spongy texture. But, he LOVES the garden fresh variety, so it was gone in the blink of an eye.

The tatsoi was a little intimidating because of it’s sheer size. We ended up making a stir fry last night, using up all the tatsoi. When it is cooked, it wilts down a substantial amount, so a lot of nutrition ends up being packed into a small amount of the cooked vegetable.


I tried to do a play on the restaurant ‘U Grill’, where there is a large assortment of veggies, meat and tofu, you pick what you want, and they cook it.

However, Paulo just wanted it all, without picking and choosing.

“Just no onions!”

Alright, so maybe I should hold off on this idea until the kids arrive.

If this looks like a lot of food for two people, you are definitely right! Paulo is doing a training program, where he eats like a horse, and then of course we need leftovers for lunch the next day.


So, although this harvest box can suffice for a family, it is perfect for our household of two voracious vegetable eaters.

I made the stir fry with a sauce of ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce and corn starch and served it with coconut rice and topped with sesame seeds. Yum!


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