About Me

As a dietitian, I have a passion for growing and cooking food as well as teaching families about the nutritional value of a homegrown meal. You can find me cooking up a storm with friends and family, in a local hospital as a clinical dietitian, writing about food and nutrition or growing vegetables at my Northern BC garden.

I am currently a Dietitian with temporary registration (soon to be registered dietitian) with two BSc. (Honours) in Food, Nutrition and Health, with majors in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics as well as a diploma in Nutrition and Food Service Management.

I aspire to have a full and healthy life. I am married to my best friend, have two fur babies (our cats Benji and Layla), and have recently taken up cross training to stay active.

I created a cookbook: Growing Eden, a cookbook with two of my favourite volunteers, highlighting recipes and pictures from our outdoor community kitchen program. Growing Eden teaches families living on low income how to grow their own food and how to cook with their fresh harvest. All proceeds from cookbook sales go to continuing the program and developing our community.

I started this blog so I can have a place to share thoughts and talk about what I love most: FOOD. (Besides my husband of course!)

My Mom is a Foodie as well and has her cooking blog at More than Burnt Toast with some amazing recipes I grew up with! If you see her mention Lil’ Burnt Toast, that’s me!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I feel like I’ve watched you grow up over the past 5 years. You’ll always be L’il Burnt Toast to me too, just like my daughter Sara will always be Psychgrad 🙂

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